Based on the answered forms, the exhibitors’ specifications will be written in exhibition’s special book and this process is for all the participants. At the end of the exhibition, a great collection of participating teams will be gathered at the exhibition Which is sent to organizations, associations, related centers and foreign embassies in Tehran. In addition, in the course of each exhibition period, a large number of books are also offered by the publisher to the applicants and visitors of the exhibition. Also participants who wants to advertise in the special book of the exhibition, can contact the publisher of the book to order their advertisement on the basis of the tariffs that the publisher gives them. The publisher's specifications of the exhibition of electrical, electronic and energy industries will be announced soon through this website. Auctions for renting the exhibition book are being held. In order to participate in this auction, you will receive the following form and, upon completion, send it to the exhibition office. time to get involved : 26-Nov 2017