More Services

Exhibition services and Special booths:

Dear participants, if you would like to have a special booth(Non-prefabricated), You can contact the designer and manufacturer of high-tech manufacturers.
Partner Exhibitors: Kardan Graphic Designer Group: +983537244348

Conducting environmental advertisements:

Participants who would like to advertise and have a board, stand and banner in the exhibition area, it is necessary to contact the related company, which will be designated as an environmental advertising company by the International Exhibitions Agency for this purpose and to do their orders. If you would like to declare your application before appointing the related company, you can contact the head office of the exhibition in Tehran.

Travel and accommodation affairs:

In case of applicants and visitors from other cities demand, the conductor will provide travel and accommodation facilities. For this purpose, its essential that dear applicants for these facilities, officially declare their demand to the conductor in time. Also companies that need visa, and travel and accommodation facilities for their foreign representatives or parties in the exhibition, can declare their demand to the conductor until 60 days before the exhibition in maximum, in order to provide their demanding facilities.